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Vanessa Simon is a family dispute resolution practitioner (mediator) specialising in all aspects of family dispute resolution. She has a BA. LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and is admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Vanessa also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Law Mediation from La Trobe University.

Vanessa has extensive experience both in Australia and internationally in the family law field. Prior to specialising in family dispute resolution (mediation), she practiced as a family law solicitor. She has experience in a wide variety of areas including the formulation and development of parenting plans/childrenís agreements as well as the formulation and development of financial agreements dealing with the division of property on separation and divorce. She has a particular interest in the welfare of the children of separating parents and practices a child focused process by ensuring that the best interests of the children are considered during all discussions.

In addition to consulting privately at Simon Consulting, Vanessa has recently been involved on a consultancy basis in the establishment and development of a family dispute resolution department for a Melbourne based Family Relationship Centre. She also currently consults for a leading Melbourne family dispute resolution centre.

Vanessa is registered with the Attorney Generalís Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Provider under the Family Law Act and as such is able to provide certificates under S60I of the Family Law Act (Commonwealth). She is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and of the leading alternative dispute resolution organizations such as LEADR, AFMA, and VADRA.
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