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Separation and divorce are distressing and difficult experiences for everyone involved. The inevitable conflict that arises is often difficult to manage. At Simon Consulting we offer family dispute resolution/mediation to people in conflict. Family dispute resolution (FDR) is a form of dispute resolution that offers people a cheaper and speedier alternative to going to court. It assists people to manage and resolve their conflict in a safe, discreet and informal environment.

At FDR people can deal with and reach agreement on a wide range of issues that arise after separation and divorce. These include the division of assets and liabilities, post separation parenting of children, child support, and managing future conflict that may arise. In cases involving children there is a strong focus on the best interests of the children.

With our help and guidance people are encouraged to discuss the issues at hand, develop options for resolving these issues and agree on solutions. At FDR people resolve their own disputes. Agreements reached at FDR may be made enforceable and provide people with a clear and comprehensive plan for the future and allow them to move forward in a positive and co-operative manner.
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